Intercourse Diaries: The Marketing Exec Who Loves To Dominate

Photo-Illustration: James Gallagher

This week, a new marketing and advertising exec just who meets a Ken doll lookalike and would like to slap him during the face: 26, unmarried, ny.


7:15 p.m.

I am on a date, theoretically. We came across on Bumble. He’s in investment capital, in which he attracts us to a show with a few of his friends. I am a lot more committed to the discussion I’m having together with his VC co-workers.

10:15 p.m.

My personal determination is actually dressed in thin. I form an excuse going house, and VC insists on taking us to the train section. He rents a Revel and drops me off there. I’ll most likely never see VC once more, but We still state “see you quickly.” We inadvertently get on a subway proceeding further into Brooklyn in place of toward Manhattan. We give up, get an Uber, and head to my friend’s celebration during the reduce East Side.

11:30 p.m.

On my way up to my friend’s apartment, we deliver a sexy photo to my personal ex-boyfriend back in bay area over Instagram. Those that vanish and that means you don’t need to remember your own indiscretions. All of our union had been on / off for just two many years until the guy made a decision to stop his work and

Eat Pray Love


12:30 a.m.

I am flirting incessantly with A, just who seems like a Ken doll, and that I want to smack his sexy face. All of that flirtation goes to waste; the guy welcomed a “friend” to the party whom appears to simply take my destination as their recommended conversational companion. She actually is simple, but what do you expect? Ken usually eventually ends up with Boring Barbie.

I check my personal Instagram DMs, and see that my ex-boyfriend features viewed my picture. No answer.

1 a.m.

I set off on the town with brand-new friends I made within celebration. On the way out, I run into a handsome man. We secure eyes, and that I ask him in which he is heading. I don’t bother to allow him begin, We make sure he understands he is coming with our company, in which he does.

I like to control. In my opinion all men want to be submissive to feamales in one way or another. To relinquish power within the title of need. They won’t acknowledge it, but they would. Its a fun small game i enjoy play, to provide and get power want it’s a commodity.

2 a.m.

Handsome guy is high. Like a kite. The guy keeps coming in contact with their face, and I also make sure he understands to place his fingers palm down on the club until we say so. He states he loves being submissive for me. Said thus.

Two vodka-sodas in and good-looking man informs me a secret. They have a girlfriend. In which he’d just like me to participate them. Huge whoop. I pay my personal number, and leave him from the club.

DAY pair

4 p.m.

I visit a workout course in Flatiron and grab a bite after. From the time thinking of moving nyc, I shed my concern with ingesting alone. I’d rather consume alone than consume with a VC man again. Yawn.

10 p.m.

We found this neurotic girl inside my very first week of staying in nyc. She actually is cute but insane. She invites me to random events, and tonight her buddy is DJ-ing within the eastern Village. It’s Halloween weekend, so I toss with each other my personal most readily useful “Beyoncé”: a sparkly NYE wide variety circa 2018 that fits also tight and is just right for your occasion. We restore three shots of Tito’s. My roomie is a flight attendant, therefore we have an endless availability of tiny vodka bottles inside fridge that come in handy on nights you won’t want to remember.

11:30 a.m.

We pregame with my neurotic friend, just who life many obstructs from me. We check our teeth for lipstick, she hands myself Adderall, and we order an Uber.

1:00 a.m.

I dated a Brit man for a month after moving to nyc. I happened to ben’t entirely into him at first, then again he did that thing where he would dismiss me personally and demonstrably I fell deeply in love with him. His friend is at this celebration, and that I spend remainder of the night staying away from eye contact.

2:30 a.m.

I regret venturing out. Its like a broken record. Somebody will get banged up. Somebody becomes lost. Some body goes house with a loser they’re going to regret each morning. And that I always end up consuming cool noodles during intercourse. If you requested me in which I would end up being at 26, this willn’t have been it.


10 a.m.

Sunday. Detox. I struck a pilates class, consume granola with natural yogurt and honey. We overlook a DM from a person back in Ca. I inform individuals I left primarily for expert reasons, but private reasons won down. I became involved in a man I worked with; it had been quick and fleeting. That is my personal dirty key. He uses Instagram to get immediate emails. Really don’t consider his girlfriend would value that.

1 p.m.

I head to the Wing doing work. The room is breathtaking. Separate from my position in marketing, I’m taking care of videos job and I also additionally want to reveal my own existence privately.

10 p.m.

My personal ex-boyfriend and I are great at the one thing: cellphone sex. He finally responds to my personal salacious picture on Instagram. We begin flirting, and I FaceTime him. I simply take my personal clothes off on digital camera. I really like the eye, in order to be in control of his delight.

It’s very easy for some guy getting off. You make sure he understands you are moist, which he’s the most significant you have ever endured, you want him within you. Over. We never ever complete. Perhaps not from cellphone sex with an ex. Not from sex. We just take melatonin and move off to dreamland.


9 a.m.

I make six numbers at work nevertheless, i’d like a lot more. It’s a cushy business task; I need to remind me i am fortunate.

I always work with tech; there is no shortage of cash truth be told there. Before my personal go on to nyc, I learned to negotiate. I wasn’t going to make the action without a wage bump.

8 p.m.

Getting ready for a romantic date. We came across D on Bumble. He’s a surgical resident with a body i really could ascend like a tree. I use somewhat black colored leather-based skirt and straighten my personal tresses. We throw the best Chanel gloss on my lips. My lip area are because actual as my leather skirt: never. The gloss makes them seem extra pouty. I’d like him to see.

10 p.m.

In my opinion he will get off from the sound of their own voice. He’s already been droning on and on about him with his life and his awesome blah blah blah. I am bored stiff.

10:30 p.m.

After the guy requires myself basically work out and tells me he’s an attraction for females with big butts, I create a reason to go out of. This is simply not the worst time i am on. We meet up with a friend inside reduce eastern Side and recount the account. We carry out our very own “I detest males” hoo ra ra and I also go home. I really don’t hate males, i recently dislike them sometimes.


6 p.m.

We go where you can find prepare for a celebration my buddies tend to be throwing-in Brooklyn. The beautiful thing about nyc is actually accessibility. This one opens its doorways for you personally. Inside my small amount of time here, I’ve had encounters I never ever might have had back in the Bay neighborhood. It is yet another world.

8 p.m.

We satisfy a French guy during the celebration. The guy tells me my lot of money, I bat my personal lashes. You will find an incessant must be desired. In the event I really don’t as you, i really want you to need me personally. It is a curse. I flirt with him.

10 p.m.

We have knocked from the site and a percentage from the team heads to a nearby club in the torrential rain. I then accidentally find yourself inside my buddy and his gf’s apartment. Oops.

1 a.m.

I am in an Uber without having any underwear on. We connected, but simply somewhat. The next time I see my buddy and his awesome sweetheart, we will pretend none of the previously occurred.

time SIX

9:30 a.m.

I am hungover. I ought to find out to not imagine weeknights tend to be Saturday nights. But i really like a good celebration.

7 p.m.

I started a book nightclub right after moving to nyc. It is the one social thing i will not enable my ingesting practices to seep into. We satisfy at an adorable café in my own area, and that I lead a discussion from the thirty days’s study. They may be a random assortment of women we likely would not be pals with in actuality; we met from the application Meetup. Nevertheless, I have found comfort within their organization.


11 a.m.

My personal ex DMs me and requests for a picture of my personal underwear. I’m at the job. I make sure he understands to go fuck himself. It really is 8 a.m. in which he’s. He concedes.

4 p.m.

Leave work early for a facial. You can inform how much venom i have been putting into my body system by viewing my personal face.

8 p.m.

We swipe idly on Bumble, and commence emailing an adult guy. I young women who love older men. Salt-and-pepper hair. Lines and wrinkles which could tell tales. Every good range an adventure. It is tantalizing. This package is actually 48 nevertheless a fuckboy.

9 p.m.

I erase my personal matchmaking applications for any 26th time since relocating to nyc and pop music a melatonin.

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